A practical and theoretical training

The training targets participants from the fields of education, culture and cultural outreach/mediation. It includes various beneficiaries (pupils from age 4 to 18, students and future teachers/educators, teenagers/adults, locals/amateurs). The programme takes place over five full days (30 hours) since 2018 and up until 2021. The training sessions are delivered by experts in the fields of choreography, education and cultural outreach.

The training programme presents an opportunity to :

  • Understand the founding principles of dance education;
  • Provide basic notions of movement;
  • Explore the choreographic modes of creation and composition;
  • Define the teacher/educator, artist, cultural mediator partnership at the core of the arts education project, and understand the role of each stakeholder within this partnership;
  • Attend dance performances and discover different choreographic approaches as part of the audience programme.
Restitution practical workshops in dance
Restitution TDC 2019 at the Maison du Peuple in Belfort


Each year, drawing from the contents of the training programme, the participants form a twining scheme composed of one teacher/educator and one artist.

Together, they :

  • Design Dance Education projects aimed at audiences from schools, social and cultural centres, as well as schools dedicated to special needs education;
  • Put the outcome of their training into practice during a period of 16 hours, with the periodic supervision of a cultural mediator;
  • Compose a short choreographic performance with their groups, which is then to be performed in a venue, in front of all the different groups


In order to develop a more profound appreciation of dance, the beneficiaries of the project have the opportunity to attend performances at partner venues across the cross-border territory: MA scène nationale, Le Granit, Saison ÉVIDANSE, Jura and Bernese Jura cultural centres, Nebia Bienne, among others.

Second year TDC in 2019