Territoires Dansés en Commun

TDC – Territoires Dansés en Commun is a Franco-Swiss cross-border Arts Education project that aims to develop dance activities in schools, community centres, as well as in special needs education. It runs from January 2018 until December 2021 across the Territoire de Belfort district and the Pays de Montbéliard urban community in France, the Canton of Jura as well as the French-speaking part of the Canton of Bern in Switzerland.

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Formation TDC


Teachers, educators, choreographers, cultural mediators

Follow the practical and theoretical TDC training in order to become a specialist in Arts Education.

Students, audiences of schools, community centres, as well as from special needs education facilities

Benefit from practical workshops carried out as part of the TDC training.

Up-and-coming teachers/facilitators/educators.

Access training modules or activities to raise awareness about the art of choreography and the development of dance projects.

Locals, amateurs

Participate in activities designed to promote intercultural exchanges in the territories (participatory cultural projects/sessions).


  • Build and mobilize a network of specialists (teachers, educators, artists, cultural mediators/outreach officers) in Arts Education.
  • Exchange know-how to increase mutual skills of the actors involved.
  • Strengthen collaborative work on both sides of the Franco-Swiss border in the design of initial and continuing training.
  • Increase the number of artistic and cultural activities in schools, community centres, special needs education and among locals, on the cross-border level.
Formation TDC


We created a digital version of our brochure which gives a full description of TDC.

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